Taipei Rock City is an experiment of combinations built on the job of taking risks, from mashing-up gameboy sounds with vocal croon to melding romantic relations with a band partnership.
— BandWagon Magazine, author Kevin Johnston
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Who the hell is DEBR4H? My mom’s friend?

We are everybody’s friend! DEBR4H is a new wave/synth pop band based in Fort Collins, CO. Formerly performing under the name futurebabes, Jedidiah Murphy is the founding member. Kayna Hobbs, after having listened to a million futurebabes sets, said “Enough is enough. I’m bored of listening, I want in on this band. And we’re doing a rebranding.” And Jedidiah said, “Hell yeah. And we’re getting Oliver Mueller of Slow Caves to produce our EP. ” And hence, DEBR4H was born. Both Jed and Kayna claim to have come up with the name DEBR4H.



Jedidiah Murphy
Main Dude, Lead Vocals, Writer, Beat Maker, Sample Maker

Kayna Hobbs
Keys, Vocals, Stylist, Designer, Social Media

Oliver Mueller
Producer, Cultivator of Good Sounds, Bass

Jakob Mueller
Guitar, Cool Guy

Band Puppy, Good Boy